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Peer Review 2: Falling For Fashion

Click here to visit Falling For Fashion.

First Glance Through

When first landing on the blog Falling For Fashion. I am greeted with a welcome message and an explanation of what the blog is about. It is nice to have this text there, however, I don’t think it is completely needed as the banner and initial photo were enough for me to know what this blog would be about. I think it would be more compelling to have recent posts on the blog, underneath the main image. A way to get content to the audience without extra steps would make them more inclined to take a look around the website. As I was writing this portion, I noticed that there IS a recent posts section, however it isn’t highlighted very well. Again it might be a good idea to include this with pictures, or individual blocks to highlight them better. I noticed that there is also an extra page that may have been left in from the default pages while selecting the themes.


In terms of styling, I think that the title for the welcome message should be centered as the explanatory text underneath it is centered. Consistency is key when it comes to designing a website. The tagline “The latest and greatest fashion updates” should be more consistent by using Capital Case, such like the titles have. Having a top navigation menu AND a side navigation menu at the bottom of the page feels a little bit redundant and is a bit overwhelming with the amount of links.

I believe the blog uses green for the title to represent trees and nature, however, the word “For” is blending into the backdrop as well as the tagline. It might be a better idea to find a another colour that will be more contrasty, so that the audience can see it better.


The format is clean and simple. Not too much clutter, and not too many unnecessary elements. The use of photos in each post help to bring out the message in that post of the week. It seems like the posts haven’t been linked to their respective categories, however. When hovering over the “blog” options in the navigation menu, clicking either of the links brings the audience to a blank page.

The blog is consistent in its use of columns and grids.

Overall Thoughts

Overall the blog is simple and clean, however, it is behind as it lacks a some incomplete content. Some fixes such as capitalization, use of colour, small formatting changes, and emphasis on important content would make this blog shine a lot more. People want to see the content right away when getting a first impression.

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